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Augmented Live Shows

What we do

As technology has developed, with it has come the opportunity to turn a live show into a multi-sensory experience. We now toe the line between the real and the virtual, intertwining the arts of movement, sound, and graphics to change the way the audience experiences the emotions that accompany attending a live performance. Digital concepts are fused with their corresponding reality to stimulate new sensations.

We create augmented performances through innovative narratives and unexpected yet elegant set design. Our passion is bringing the action closer to the audience, wherever they are in the venue, inviting them to travel along with the narrative of the show. Mixing different technologies like video mapping, kinetic lights, moving set, holographic displays, real-time tracking, and even more, allow us to extend the stage area and create a totally immersive environment, as a whole.

What we can do for you: raise the bar for live performances even higher. We assist in striking the right balance between the human and the digital, to optimally deliver the right message, showcase innovation and creativity, or just inspire people to dream and have fun. From a product launch, a music or dance experience, or even corporate shows, we revel in the shared emotions of living art, a unique tribute to the crux where beauty meets innovation.

Past projects include Africa Cup of Nations, Ushuaia Ibiza Opening Season, Dassault Systemes Virtual Harmony, Nekefu Tour, Dior Guggenheim, Nike Lab, Orange Show Hello

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