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Our team of interactive and creative tech experts develop high-end productions that engulf and mesmerize audience members, all while remaining virtually invisible, allowing for a totally seamless experience.

Using body detection, real-time responsive systems, innovative screens, AI, AR, VR, generative visuals, combined with scenography, interactive narration, production, staging, digital programming, and artistic direction; we are tech experts, addicts and lovers!

With active or passive interactivity models, we bring the audience on a journey, with customizable stories and reactive environments, opening a whole new world to them.

Our SUPERLAB in Paris is designed for experimentation, research and showcases, and gives our clients, partners and friends a sense of SUPERBIEN’s tech capabilities, range and imagination. With this hub, we want to start conversations with future collaborators—dancers, musicians, artists or creators of all kinds—and make this space a playground for experimentation, mutual exchange and creation.

With our ecosystem, we nurture a playful approach to making interactivity accessible to everyone. We get phygital at SUPERBIEN, experimenting with DJ sets and audio reactive experiments, lidar, interactive tables or AR experiences; we always have something to prototype, invent and dream up. Where SUPERBIEN and technology meet is where the magic begins, as our inventive and creative minds take tools to craft experiences beyond our own wildest imaginations.

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