What we do

We craft immersive and interactive environments using extended narratives and cutting-edge technologies to create surprising discoveries. We create experience design to shape a seamless journey using innovative technologies as a seed for connection, immersion, and interaction between creator and spectator. Our 360˚ experiential projects combine our expertise: creative tech, content, digital takeaway, event, and immersive design.

We create immersive exhibitions that plunge the audience right into the heart of the narrative as both spectator and participant. This innovative way of storytelling allows audience members to experience every aspect from different points of observation along the journey.

Through innovative narratives showcased in unexpected yet elegant set designs, our passion is to bring the action closer to the audience. Our team’s diverse talents and creative approach ensure we always deliver innovative and visually compelling designs that leave a long-lasting impression. We master the art of technical planning, scenic sourcing, eco-conscious production, set and light design, and AV & lighting sourcing.

We create augmented performances for increased sensations by intrinsically linking technology and humans to explore new forms of interaction. We love combining content and technologies with live performances and stage direction for music tours, concerts, opening ceremonies, large-scale shows, international conventions, and Olympic Games.

With a focus on beauty and innovation, we specialize in creating mesmerizing and innovative ways for keynotes, speeches, B2B product launches, conferences, and corporate shows. Our living art performances inspire shared emotions and provide a unique tribute to your messaging and stories.

  • All projects 60
  • Immersive Exhibition 18
  • Live Show 19
  • Corporate Show 19
  • Scenography 5

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