What we do

We develop installations that sit at the crossroads of art and communication, blending emotion and information, using data as a seed for connection and education between creator and spectator. We design installations and retail environments that connect the dots of the complete consumer experience; at once physical and digital, vibrant and informative, magical and functional to increase awareness on a new level.

Using interactive technologies such as touch-screen, immersive design, or infinity rooms, our 360˚ retail experiences enhance and complement a brand’s digital footprint, allowing customers to explore a brand’s world innovatively and engagingly by offering personalization and discoveries that drive sales and connection.

Our team strives to create enduring installations that resonate with a broad audience. We aim to develop permanent installations that stand the test of time and leave a lasting impact. We are passionate about creating experiences that inspire, challenge, and engage visitors.

Our installations utilize data to foster connection, awareness and elevate experiences. By incorporating cutting-edge visual and interactive technologies with physical design, we create intimate and engaging experiences that immerse spectators in the journey. We develop installations that bring people together in novel and meaningful ways.

  • All projects 26
  • Interactive Installations 16
  • Permanent Experiences 4
  • Innovative retail 5

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