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Creative friction

We bring together a team of diverse backgrounds and disciplines, spanning the fields of art, spatial and experience design, animation, performing arts, creative strategy, and set design expanding our network globally. Each expert within the studio approaches projects from a different angle, but all possess the common sensibility of imagining the ideal final work with impact and intention.

Mutual growth

A supportive, productive and collaborative work culture with individual flexibility! We fly on international projects pushing curiosity and innovation by integrating emerging creative disciplines into our ecosystem! We love diversifying our talent community with unconventional voices for mutual growth.



Creative Director Visual Content


Senior Artistic Director
Visual Content


Creative Director
Visual Content


Creative Director
Experiential Design


Interactive Designers


Creative Coders


Project Managers
& Producers


Content Producers



Our teams fuel our mission to push the boundaries of creative experiences and dream new worlds, regardless of distance and distribution. SUPERTRIP is our way of giving back to them: each year we take our team on a journey to inspire, recharge, connect and continue to develop our collective vision together. SUPERTRIP is an experience designed to reinforce our values, create a space for our community to belong, and discover a few surprises outside of our daily work.


Creative masters

A strong team of diversity and cultural richness sharing common values of performance, challenge, and ambition while taking pleasure in creation. This team plays a central role in the direction of the Studio. The creative team is composed of art directors, motion designers, and set designers working on concept creation, project creation direction, visual content creation, lighting, and scenography.
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Production lovers

The production team is made of passionate people who do everything they can to make the craziest ideas come true! A team deployed on international projects which works in the respect and well-being of each. It gathers assistant project managers, project managers, project directors, account managers, and managers working on SUPERBIEN projects in the fields of Visual Content, Brand experience, Creative Entertainment, Creative Technology, Digital Experience & Event.
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Tech adepts

Our Creative Technology team takes care of all R&D development at SUPERBIEN! Today, located in our French office, this team has a space to research and test new challenges, prototype in a playful way and pursue our wildest collective ideas. The team is composed of digital experts, web developers, and creative technologists.
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Support wizards

Our SUPPORT team brings together all the shadow workers who help to promote the Studio and the well-being of the team's talents: office manager, studio managers, traffic managers, marketing and communications (coordinator and director), IT manager, HR as well as DAF. Their mojo: to act as a caring, ecologically and socially responsible company that promotes a beneficial practice for our ecosystem.
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Backstage fun

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Partner & Head of Partnership

Nicolas Gazzola

Head of projects & Creative entertainment

Caroline Gunther

Artistic Director Visual Content

Jeremy Cormier

Founding Partner & Head of Motion Design

Alex Mestrot