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What we do

Everything starts with a story. From the far reaches of the galaxy to the depths of the ocean, immersive exhibitions plunge the audience right into the heart of the narrative, as both spectator and participant. This innovative way of storytelling allows audiences to experience every narrative aspect from a different point of encounter along the journey. 

We craft immersive and interactive environments that inspire the audience to discover new information and sensations. Whether using set design to extend narratives or seamlessly integrating new technologies to create surprising discoveries, we apply experience design to shape a seamless journey from entrance to exit. 

What we can do for you: from the smallest, most intimate installation to a complete, breathtakingly spectacular experience, we transform a blank space of a venue into imagined worlds, taking into consideration every detail of visitor journey design, technical production and on-site implementation. Through the expertise of our talented experience designers, no sense is left untouched, no detail too small – and in the end, no one in the audience will walk out unchanged.

Past immersive exhibitions include: Oceans Digital Immersive Odyssey, Siderea, Chanel Coromandel, JR

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