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What we do

The first, and often most important, question to ask is “why?” Telling a story in a specific physical space begins with the answer to the why – defining the purpose to establish an authentic and relevant narrative. Whether it is to enable learning, engagement, or to delight – we design digital installations that bring aesthetic wonder and emotional intimacy through interaction.

We develop installations that sit at the crossroads of art and communication, blending emotion and information, using data as a seed for connection and education between creator and spectator. Those who witness a presentation may only retain part of what they’ve heard, but those who are included in it will retain the desired message over the long term.

What we can do for you: give substance to the intangible. From projection  to screens or lights based, we combine state-of-the-art visual creation and interactive technology with physical experience design to include spectators in the journey, be it via physical interaction or emotional connection.

Past digital installations include: Insula Orchestra, Fragment, EDF Vivatech, Air France Business Lounge

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