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Retail thrives in an increasingly digital and hybrid space, so  it shouldn’t be limited by the constraint of a physical location but be reinforced and extended by it. A store is a brand’s world to invent new forms of meaning for its audiences and an extension of their online presence and storyline.

When a customer steps into a brand’s retail space, they no longer seek to transact but to be immersed in a new experience that brings them a sense of emotional connection – through discovery, education, collaboration, and community. 

We design interactive environments and installations that transform the consumer experience by merging physical and digital touchpoints. Paying particular attention to enhancing how visitors discover, engage, collaborate, co-create and immerse themselves into a brand universe in a unique and captivating way.

What we can do for you: every brand can be an experiential brand, especially with the help of a visual storytelling studio. Whether for a showroom experience, or an immersive in-store experience, we guide brands on the journey to craft narratives that bring synergy to the digital and physical realms and cultivate long-lasting and meaningful impressions with their audiences for years to come.

Past innovative retail projects include Air France VR Vivatechnology, Dior Homme Light Shirt, Cartier Santos SIHH, ABCDIOR Interactive tables.

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Why should retail spaces not be entertaining?
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