Showreel SHOWREEL 2022


What we do

SUPERBIEN is a global creative studio for extended experiences that produce international award-winning projects that merge digital and physical environments.

We specialize in immersive experience design, combining a compelling narrative, thoughtful scenography, top-notch video content & the latest in digital technology to create augmented spaces that will invite the audience into a world they’ve never known before.

From cultural strategies that guide our creative vision to on-the-ground execution, we are continuously evolving the narratives of past, present and future worlds as we shape unique experiences for our brand and institutional partners. Our expanded practice uses immersive set design, nuanced show direction, cutting edge technologies and experimental media including gaming, VR, AR and mixed reality platforms to go above and beyond the traditional modes of experience – creating not just moments, but memories.

Crafting stories with 6 layers of expertise:
Visual Content
Immersive Exhibitions
Augmented Live Shows
Digital Installations
Future Playgrounds
Innovative Retail

Other expertises Other expertises