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Future Playgrounds

What we do

Stepping into a Future Playground means watching the line between digital and physical blur in real-time, as the audience interacts with the digital environment while remaining in the physical. Creating games in a VR headset or the size of entire buildings, traditional limits of creativity cease to exist, as worlds that may have once only existed in imagination are brought to life in bold technicolor.

We navigate between the real and the virtual, with the liberty to create new artistic realms that can be adapted in infinite ways, free of any physical or visual limits. Real-time tracking combined with interactive systems and augmented visual content allows us to bring 100% creative, futuristic design to life. Metaverse is coming, and SUPERSPACES are coming along.

What we can do for you: Realize the playground you never thought possible. Through immersive experience design that mixes animation and interactivity, we can create life-size simulations that interact in real-time with the physical environment, from putting out a virtual fire with real water to feeling the vibrations of cheering virtual spectators on a real football pitch. Using simulated sensations to inspire real emotions, the unique moments created by this type of augmented reality projection are the latest innovation in luxury communication.

Past playgrounds include: Adidas Future Arena, Macau City of Dreams, Contrex, Future Drive

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