Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes of Netflix & the Empire State Building

Dive into our most significant project in NYC and get a glimpse on how we partnered with Giant Spoon and Netflix for the video mapping on the Empire State Building for Stranger Things season 4. 

Many people have asked us: HOW DID YOU DO IT?

Before the show, SUPERBIEN worked on delivering 12 minutes of original creative animation and visual effects using raw assets, images, and footage from Stranger Things season 4, along with some short inserts of the main characters like Eleven and Hopper. 

On-site, on a rooftop three blocks away from the Empire State Building, the media load-in, and timeline programming took four days and was mainly achieved during the night time.

So many talented crews joined forces to install 46 30k Barco Laser projectors using only one service elevator. They created 20 double stacks and two triple stacks and used load flooring to distribute weight accordingly.

The projector calibration (pattern alignment, grid alignment, white balance, and blending) was done on the 25th, THE night before the show.   

The biggest hurdle to overcome on this project was that we could not preview content on the building until we hit GO on show day, this is not standard practice, and it brought extra pressure for the team. 

Looping for 2 hours with a fully synched soundtrack accompanying the content, the light show revealed the villainous Vecna, the Demogorgon, and the Rift to the Upside Down. It brought sparkles to the eyes of 5000 New Yorkers and 100 million people across social streams.

You want to know more about this incredible activation? read our case study below:

Netflix article about the landmarks around the world that headed up for the launch of Stranger Things season 4.

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