Behind The Scenes


We’ve been asked: “Can you fit 50,000 fans into a warehouse?”

Quite a mind-boggling brief, to say the least. Athletes and architects both said it couldn’t be done.
But if Adidas was All In, then so were we. Instead of building 1 space for 50,000 people, we built 50,000 people for 1 space: the world’s first digital stadium.

Who knew that one small change in wording could lead to an enormous change workload?
So we built an engaging audience and programmed them to respond in real-time. By marrying digital and physical realities, we created live energy that evokes visceral responses from players on and off the field.

Zinedine Zidane was also present for this event. To introduce the ball of the next Euro tournament, he was the first person to kick the ball and score in the Adidas Future Arena.

As a special event for football fans, the Future Arena welcomed public personalities guests such as Wass, the first football french Youtuber.

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