Behind The Scenes


At SUPERBIEN, we want to showcase not only our high-quality finished products, but the ideas, the work and most importantly the people behind the scenes. Here are some images and a recap video for HYVIA’s Master Van H2-Tech, a project that we hold close to our heart and that is an important part of our move to making things happen with agents of renewable energy change.

HYVIA, a joint venture between Plug Power (a leading provider of green hydrogen with the world’s largest fueling station footprint) and Renault Group, recently released their first production model, the Master Van H2-Tech, and SUPERBIEN was honored to be a creative partner in this revolutionary model’s big introduction.

First revealed at the Salon de l’automobile de Paris, the Master Van H2-Tech is the ultimate zero emission vehicle suited for all commercial transport applications​. The Studio produced two films that premiered at the car show: one, a presentation of their feature product, and the second featuring interviews with the CEOs of Plug, HYVIA, Renault as well as the COO of Plug. The latter was broadcasted at the Plug Symposium in the United States.

This project is part of the Studio’s global initiative to work with key figures in renewable and hybrid energy models, and we’re so proud to have been able to collaborate on the Master Van H2-Tech thanks to the generosity of French & international actors in the field.

Client : HYVIA
Creative Direction: Alex Mestrot
Film director : Sébastien Desmedt
Auto show film director : Xavier Blanot
Photography director : Vincent Vieillard-Baron
Make up artist : Morgane Goupy
Camera assistant : Jean-Baptiste Seror
Light engineer : Amaury Brege
Scene shifter : Jim Wieland
Sound engineers : Pascal Golliet, David Sebag, Kamel Bouzid
Site manager : Bastien Massé
Rouling : Weazel factory
Editor in chief : Frédéric Doazan
Sound design & music edit : Chut! on vous écoute
Film edit : Centre Ville TV
Creative Directors : Alex Mestrot
Producer : Aurélie Lassour
Head of projects and creative entertainments : Caroline Gunther
Project director : Natacha Simon
Project manager : Siloé Hermile – Mehdi Sakouhi
Behind the Scenes Video and Pictures: Julien Mascheroni

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