Sneak Peek Into the SUPERLAB

Presenting our In-House Creative Technology Testing Laboratory!
At our Paris headquarters, we have built a dedicated space to experimenting, testing and perfecting our cutting-edge technologies. We present to you: the SUPERBIEN Black Box! With this space, we’re able to build full-scale setups of activations for clients and collaborators in order to refine, enhance, and push projects to the max with the help of our in-house creative technology team.

The space is used for (but not limited to) immersive room testing, coding, activating testing, motion capture, and creative jam sessions, where our digital artists engage in play to elicit improbably and previously not thought of ideas, frameworks and experiences. Our leading experts in movement and coding integration streamline and hone ideas into seamless experiences for audiences of the works at hand.

From the digital to the immersive to the artificially intelligent to the gaming-oriented, we craft ideas and products into full-fledged creative enterprises. Our team of creatives includes experienced and highly knowledgeable software developers, interactive designers, producers, real-time motion designers and dream-makers of all kinds.

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