Down at the SUPERLAB—SUPERBIEN’s new Parisian experimental space—we’ve been hard at work having the most fun possible with interactive and innovative technology. Case in point: The SUPERBIEN DJ/Audio Reactive Set on April 6th, 2023!

During this Creative Jam Session, attended by people from Start-Rec, Studio 31dB, Embodme and independent musicians along with SUPERBIEN creatives, we experimented with Resolume and NDI to now master mixing any video ressource, allowing for full-scale live video jamming.

We used audio, midi, OSC and video routing, and experimented with new hardware, such as the Moog Theremin, Erae Touch, Playtronica Touch Me and Pioneer DJ gear.

We got to bear witness to a truly mind blowing A/V control performance by LA artist Rick Feds (one of the greatest finger drummers in the world), and experience an interactive dance floor activated by our Notch/Lidar system.

We also had audio, midi, OSC and video routing. All these fancy words to say that we really did the thing ; ) Check out videos and images from this inspiring and frenetic creative jam!

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