In-house SUPERBIEN genius graphic designer Chloe Ross has been hard at work having fun with the potentialities of AI and new digital worlds!

Primarily using MIDJOURNEY—a generative AI program—Chloé “wanted to see how she could play with the blurry limits of reality and imagination, imagining new worlds out of things that we know and those we dream of, all with the purpose of creating something entirely new.” The result is a term that gets kicked around our offices pretty often: future playgrounds.

These elements are all part of the process at SUPERBIEN, where we experiment, play,  fantasize and generate things we’ve never seen before, making us all the more able to produce experiences that are utterly unique and new. 

Some key words used to drum up these balloony, floral, celestial, space-age-y, Brutalist, comforting, soaring, alien, and just plain wild images are: photogrammetry, 3D, immersive, sharp focus, intricate details, utopia, molecular, mysterious, and texture.

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