Lately, our creative team has experimented with AI models for inspiration on projects and creations, taking a fresh look at our work and recognizing that AI is an incredibly useful tool to expand the mind/realm of possibilities, never usurping human creativity but rather bolstering it. 

Indeed, it has opened up new visual horizons and guided our creative teams into worlds that have not yet been explored.

In these series of images generated with AI by Jeremy Cormier, Creative Director of Visual Content at SUPERBIEN, show a kind of dialogue between the AI and the written prompts Jeremy has used: ‘colorful and futuristic playground minimalist colorful,’ for example, generates an inflatable-looking playground set, decked out with affixed and floating spheres. 

Other keywords examples: Luminous, upside-down, playground with mirror, led screens, futuristic environment! 

While the AI generates the image, it will never come up with the prompt, and the result is a collaboration between human mind and machine.

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