Behind The Scenes


We’ve been asked: “We are unveiling a car that drives itself, can the reveal show do the same?”

Driving your car is willing to disappear in the near future. With detection technologies and avoidance protocols built-in new electric vehicles, all you’ll have to do is enjoy the ride and the view – why not the same during a reveal show?

To stimulate car tracking and video mapping, we built a real-time preview system. Since the cab is autonomous, we had to make a system that could follow every movement, every stop, and every acceleration.

The real-time preview system allowed us to design the whole show and adapt video content and video effects to the path that the car could take.

As one of the first reveals for a self-driving vehicle, this event was live-streamed worldwide. From automotive motion to video-mapped content on the floor, walls, and vehicle, a simple drive became a graphic and immersive experience for the audience and the viewers around the world.

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