Behind The Scenes


Come behind the scenes with SUPERBIEN and watch us do what has never been done before: video map onto the historical Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn for Moncler’s legendary RE/ICONS campaign!

Moncler’s campaign team recognized the historic Domino Sugar factory as the perfect canvas for their project, RE/ICONS 2023. The early 1900s facade had never been video mapped before, due to its intricate architecture, making it a challenging yet rewarding project for Moncler and our team at SUPERBIEN.

The result was a stunning visual display that highlighted the sensibility and recognition of the location’s unique qualities, and was, if we do say so ourselves, a tremendous feat and accomplishment! Watch below as we set up what has never been successfully done before for what can only be described as Moncler’s artwork, dedicated to the 2023 RE/ICONS Collection.

Moncler is not just a trend follower – it sets new trends through continuous exploration and reimagining of its iconic identity. The brand stays true to its inspiration and adventurous aesthetic, which has been at the core of its success. SUPERBIEN’s tenacity and ability to accomplish what has never been done before made of us a perfect pair, and the result is nothing short of awe-striking!

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