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Digital Installation

How can you expand the realm of creative possibilities by going beyond the boundaries of place, time and space while successfully connecting all of your audiences?

By opening the frontiers of reality.

In 2020, the events industry was knocked sideways by the arrival of COVID-19.

This situation has accelerated the development of bridges between the real and the virtual worlds that afford a new approach to bringing stories to life by creating experiences where the digital is real and tangible and the physical is digitised and extended.

We have introduced innovative solutions and developed new technologies like the XR Studio. Fashion shows, brand communications, product launches… These technology blocks offer endless new formats and recording and broadcasting techniques.

Developed in partnership with ETC.Onlyview, the XR (Extended Reality) Studio is a facility that can be used to create limitless scenery thanks to two pillars:

– A physical stage surrounded by LED screens broadcasting surrealist sets and backgrounds.
– Video capture technology to create a sense of extreme reality and allow complete immersion.

The possibility of being transported into usually impracticable or totally make-believe environments gives us the opportunity to disrupt spatial dimensions, perspectives and the laws of possibility of the 100% real world while preserving the human and tangible quality of the subject. And by combining other technologies like augmented reality, multiplex streaming and interaction, the possibilities are practically infinite.

This XR Studio is a component of these new worlds that exist beyond and in between screens, where the physical and the digital fuse together, and which we like to call SUPERSPACES.



  • Video Content and Artistic Direction SUPERBIEN
  • Technical design and production - Mediaservers and technical solutions ETC - Onlyview ‘power is nothing without control’
  • With the support of Wige SOLUTIONS GmbH & Co. KG - Faber Audiovisuals - Panasonic Broadcast & Pro AV Europe


  • Creative Directors Alex Mestrot
    Tom Scalabre
  • Artistic Director Audrey Baldacci
  • Project Director Agnès Bosment
  • Creative Producer Benjamin Darras
  • Project Manager Juliette Carroen
  • Lead Visual Designer Alex Le Guillou
  • Real time Graphics Jean-Brice Hubert
  • Motion Graphics Thomas Chosson
  • Scenography Mélodie Brault
  • Director of Photography Baptiste Chesnais
  • Lead Actress Sixtine Gignoux
  • Behind The Scenes Jonathan Mascaro
    Romain Lambert
    Benoît Cauet