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Experiential journeys


Vice gave us the opportunity to design and develop an experience never before envisaged: the first traveling graffiti wall in France. That’s how we developed the Digitruck Street Chef for Subway!

A challenge that awakened our creative appetites. To do this, we modified the way a HTC Vive tracker is usually used by placing it on an aerosol can that we designed and printed in 3D. Thanks to the HTC cameras placed on the truck, we were able to locate the can very precisely and we had a drawing tool with infinite graphic possibilities accessible at our fingertips. This experience was made possible by the development of an interactive system that generates and adapts video content in real time. To complete the range of creative possibilities, we set up an intuitive control interface, which allows you to easily adjust and combine shapes, colors, backgrounds, thicknesses and intensities via a smartphone.

An original and playful way to occupy the space and to maneuver the boundaries of the virtual and the real while rewriting the codes of a vibrant urban culture. An experience that transcends the ages to offer a moment of sharing and which, for a few minutes, awakens the artist that lies dormant in each of us.


  • Agency Vice
  • Art direction and interactive conception Superbien
  • Video capture and edit Victor Gounon
  • Music Folamour - Mad King In My Own Kingdom