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How can virtual worlds change the way we experience emotions?


For Dassault Systèmes, that is committed in developing solutions that build today the world of tomorrow, emotion should remain at the heart of innovation. It indeed drives people to act and shake up the established order in order to change the world.

Music and art in general are incredible vectors for emotion and Dassault Systèmes aim at devoting its virtual universes to serve arts and artists. From this thought was born one question: « How can virtual worlds change the way we experience emotions? »

Virtual Harmony is our answer. This artistic experience combined classical music and generative art in an exceptional way. A unique audio responsive concert in which video contents were created and projected in real time on a giant dome right in the middle of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

This 50mn show, conducted by R.Capuçon and his incredible 3D violin made using Dassault Systemes technologies, was seen live by 3000 people on site and more than 1.5M viewers.

Through this magical experience, our goal at Superbien was to show how we can bring forward new common emotions.


  • Client Dassault Systèmes
  • Artistic Direction Emma Rouffi / ERA Conseil
  • Production Frédéric Sceau / Le Bureau de Prod
  • Artistic Direction and Video Content SUPERBIEN
  • Audio Reactive Systems / Real Time SUPERBIEN
  • Technical Director Éric de la Bouteillère
  • Conductor Pierre Bleuse
  • Orchestra Les Siècles
  • Geodesic Dome FUGU
  • Video Technical Support Mvision
  • Modulo Pi Renaud Gindre - Julien Améaume
  • Show Caller Muriel Nedeau
  • Sound Engineer Denis Fenninger / Lagoona
  • Lights Vincent Mongourdain - Camille Palisson
  • Live Broadcast Technical Support AMP
  • Live Broadcast Director Sophie Rajzman / 25 Images
  • Venue Jardin des Plantes


  • Creative Director Alex Mestrot
  • Producer Agnès Bosment
  • Lead Visual & Real Time Designer Alex Le Guillou
  • Artistic Coordinator Audrey Baldacci
  • Real Time Designer Jean-Brice Hubert
    Morgan Beauvais
    Jean-Pierre Sastre
  • Motion Designer Clémence Gros
  • Lead Developer Colin Chibois
  • Show Operator Félix Ménard
  • Project Manager Salma El Fathi
  • Report Photos & Vidéos Jonathan Mascaro
    Nyls Rimane