We are excited to announce our new partnership with NYU Tandon School of Engineering at the Navy Brooklyn Yard. Throughout the SUPERBIEN CLUB, we offer creative tech, immersive design, and innovation-focused workshops and field trips to the technical set-up of the SUPERBIEN project in NYC. We cannot wait to see how this collaboration will ramp up in the coming month!

Together, we will dive and explore innovations to create a NYC SUPERLAB where students can play and invent the creative technologies of tomorrow. Thanks to our friends at ETC Onlyview for joining forces with us on this project.

How incredible for our team to connect with the next generation of young talents and be at the forefront of the creators/makers community in NYC.

It is an honor to get to know students and start collaborating with them while passing SUPERBIEN’s 14 years of experience and knowledge in the multimedia experience industry. To all the Studio partners: Final Pixel AcademyWLab, and  Evercoast, we can’t wait to meet everyone.

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