Particular particles. In a constantly changing world, we are always looking for new ways and new materials to create the unpredictable, distorting the vision of the physical environment in which we believe we are evolving, to manipulate the senses and break down the boundaries between what is real and what is not.

We experiment alone or with others. As such, the team is regularly invited by international operators in the digital world to embrace new technologies. Here, it is the German studio INTOLIGHT that entrusted us with the keys to its new plug-in, DX11 Particles, capable of generating, controlling and animating particle clouds in real time.

An opportunity for our Real Time Motion Designer to try out new forms of creation like this 3D runner whose energy is released in a spectacular wave of particles. There are so many new tools and technological devices for real-time programming that offer new perspectives to the concept of interactivity, while at the same time amplifying creative potential. From these experiments we create spectacular experiences combining interaction and immersion, sounds and lights, shapes and colors.

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