Following the huge success of the Bright Festival Connect 2022, the KunstKraftwerk in Leipzig is presenting the programming again for one night only!

Bear witness and be submerged by incredible boundary-pushing and time-melding creations by the top ten leading French digital arts studios, a group including Av-Extended, Cosmo AV, Hki, Jeremy Oury, Leslie Epsztein, Lnlo, Minor Lazer, Sébastien Labrunie, Spectre Lab, Studio Énorme that we’re honored to be a part of.

NEOCYCLE, our featured immersive show, questions the symbiosis, transformation, and metamorphosis of one entity generating another. Nature, humans, and artificial intelligence reach the apex of their capacities while cohabiting the same extensive cycle. In the context of this continuity-belonging, what follows AI? The creation of an infinite digital nature as a dreamscape of hope.

The programming will be presented in three timed slots tomorrow evening as of 7:00 PM UTC (click the preceding link to view schedule and purchase tickets). Fall into these expansive creations that render time, concepts and boundaries elastic, and experience the unreal!

We would like to once again thank the Institut Français Paris and the Institut Français Deutschland for their support.

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