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Experiential journeys


Sometimes, we would like to take you aboard our neural excitations, to show you how we enjoy tumbling into often unexplored, sometimes unknown terrain.

Patachromo, one of our first installations, is part of this spirit. In fact, it is from this ability to lose oneself, enabling us to more easily imagine other approaches, that this experience was born..



At the crossroads of different genres, Patachromo is a spectacular light show resulting from the surprising fusion between chromotherapy (therapeutic principles using the projection of colored lights) and pataphysics (the science of imaginary solutions), which explores the exception of an “epiphenomenon” – designed as a gentle and unusual invitation to expose one’s chakras to the colorful arabesques from a LED cloud, that are both exciting and comforting.

An electrifying window on reality, animated by a set of colorful graphic epiphenomena.