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We had the pleasure of accompanying the team of the K-Live Festival over several editions. A multidisciplinary event at the crossroads of urban art, contemporary art and contemporarymusic, the festival occupies the city of Sète every year – the streets, the walls, the wastelands and the famous Théâtre de la Mer. Years of experimenting with new interactive tools, a new vocabulary of digital languages, taming new relationships with light, pushing the boundaries of videomapping and real-time design, and numerous finished works as a result.

In particular, we brought light to this imaginary world alongside the artist The Wizard in a dynamic three-dimensional wall sculpture that was videomapped in full, bringing live thrills to the city, with nocturnal vibrations from each DJ’s body using infrared cameras through a 4G broadband connection, in rhythm with the beat. We have also created a generative work on digital printing as an augmented street-art fresco with infinite, hypnotizing nuances.