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How can we explore the flora and fauna of the oceans without disturbing it?


OCEANS is an immersive aquarium in which the public can discover marine life in a fun and informative way while understanding the importance of protecting this fragile ecosystem. This interactive experience takes visitors on a digital odyssey over 300 square meters, the first of its kind.

In its ambition to share the wonders of the ocean with the world, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco has signed up as a partner to the OCEANS exhibition, bringing on board its experts to consult on the project from the conception stage to guarantee its credibility.

This creative process, into which Superbien has naturally fitted, is part of an eco-responsible approach to protecting our oceans, a space where visitors have the chance to explore the ocean’s flora and fauna without disturbing it.

To produce this innovative underwater journey through the oceans, Superbien worked in close collaboration with the MK2+ agency both on the concept, the artistic direction, as well as all of the technological and interactive components and with COSMO AV on the video contents.


  • Agency MK2+
  • Partner Institut Océanographique de Monaco
  • Video Content / Scenography / Interactivity Superbien
  • Video Content Cosmo AV
  • Technical ID Scènes
  • Sound design Chut ! On vous écoute


  • Creative Director Alex Mestrot
  • Project Director Sylvain Billion
  • Project Manager Amandine Bruneau
  • Lead Motion Designer Jérémy Cormier
  • Scenographer Mélodie Brault
  • Motion Designers Benjamin Crochet
    Alexandre Tarquini
    Pham Ke Thien Co
  • Interactive Designers Sébastien Escudié
    Martin Hance
    Colin Chibois
  • Technical Supervisor Félix Ménard