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Seine Zoo Records
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Express the identity of an extraordinary rapper through creative visuals


A prodigy of the rap scene, Nekfeu signed his first album with a tour of the Zenith stadiums.
Shining with eclecticism, he delivers a score that deliberately distances itself from the shackles of traditional yet very urban rap. In order to reveal the singular identity that punctuates all of his work, we created an incandescent show to match his talent: a visual odyssey that invites fans to travel through the artist’s melancholic universe.

Where each piece is a unique mosaic, each content has been conceived as a painting, a graphic experiment with a unique style.

Like a living fresco carved to measure that reveals all the richness of a moving and protean work, where the content matches the form.


  • Tour production Live Nation with Seine Zoo agreement
  • Global artistic direction, stage design & light design All Access Design
  • Artistic direction & video contents Superbien
  • Music Nekfeu - Mal aimé
  • Video edit Victor Gounon