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We believe in the force
of shared emotions.

At a time of fragmenting audiences, we seek to create shared spaces and collective events. Inspired by the time-honoured principles of drama – unity of time, unity of place and unity of action – to awaken our spectators’ sensibilities and stimulate their senses. Designed to tap into the emotions of our audiences, the language we choose is as universal as it is varied.

Superbien has designed a two-step process to stimulate shared emotions. First we seek out the spirit, the core element, the structure of the meaning entrusted to us to be able to understand it in its most primary and universal expression.

Then we infuse it with a new dimension, projecting it into another unique space in optimal conditions to ensure its best possible reception by the public.

This process means we can adapt the way we look at a subject and create a fresh retinal impression an audience may find hard to describe. But, if they don’t describe it as superbien – “great!” in English – then we have not succeeded in living up to our promise, which drives everything we do.


We are a studio, not an agency

We strive to keep a balance between projects commissioned by clients and art pieces inspired by our own creative minds and artistic processes.
This hybrid business model sets us apart from the more traditional model of an agency, ensuring we focus on the originality and creative diversity so needed by digital art.
To find just the right emotion for both situations, we form a team with a rich mix of profiles from within and outside our studio. These experts might approach the brief from different perspectives, but all share the same sensibility called for to dream up the ideal solution.
We are all architects of shared emotions. Our organisation is shaped by our work philosophy.

An uncomplicated relationship with art

Some might say, you’re not artists, you’re creatives. Fortunately, these days the lines are much more easily blurred. We are artists in all but name. We draw inspiration from art, we produce art, we are practitioners of art, but our creative processes go beyond the visual to embrace the emotional dimension of the challenges we are asked to address.

A rational approach to connecting art and digital

While we believe that the potential of digital technology has not yet reached maturity, we must harness technology rather than allowing it to constrain us. Too often we speak of “technology” as the means as well as the end. For SUPERBIEN, technology is just one more tool, there to serve the impression we wish to create, never more. By maintaining control over the sensations and emotions we seek to produce, digital technology will always remain at the service of creativity.

Responsible relationships

Our only rule is… no rules! All we ask for are fair and respectful relations in everything we undertake. This is the foundation for creating shared emotions while guaranteeing absolute transparency, which extends to your budget as we charge only for time spent, and production fees are billed at cost.

Our clients
and partners