In House

Show designer

As a creative driving force, the Show Designer provides an artistic perspective at the birth of a project. He/she is then responsible for the visual consistency of the entire project and the features designed by the teams around him.

Show director

The Show Director is responsible for writing and designing the script that will guide all decorative, creative and technical operations; he/she also directs the live performances so that all the events in the show are perfectly timed.

Project manager

From the conception of the project through to its production and exhibition, the Project Manager organizes and coordinates the various creative forces, ensuring that technical instructions and production schedules are respected.

Motion designer

Inspired as much as he/she is inspiring, the Motion Designer’s creativity is matched by his/her technical expertise. At the heart of the creative process, the Motion Designer designs, models and animates the graphic content that will come to life whether on an interactive fresco or on the facade of a skyscraper.

Multimedia director

As creative leader on projects, the Multimedia Director is responsible for the process of creating and arranging visual, light and sound features as well as supervising their technical installation. He/she explores and manipulates different media so as to offer a rich, tailor-made creative vision.

Real time content designer

As an expert in real-time generated forms and environments, the Real Time Content Designer uses his/her programming knowledge to give visual expression to the variables that surround us, making the experience an unforgettable and captivating one.

Stage designer

The Stage Designer is the architect of an emotional environment, creating structures where lighting, sound and moving forms merge together and bring materials to life.

Creative coder

Combining graphic design and programming, the Creative Coder is a multilinguist who uses each computer language beyond its traditional function to create an expressive and interactive artistic technology.


With his/her creative pen, the Copywriter puts words to an idea to devise a concept and create extraordinary experiences and adventures.

Artistic coordinator

Combining creation and production, the Artistic Coordinator is the central element who links the various artistic and technical components to bring ambitious and harmonious projects to life.


Technical supervisor

Working in conjunction with the Creative Director, the Technical Supervisor defines the technical solutions required to optimize the performance of video, lighting and kinetic. He/she also ensures the compatibility of the technologies used to create a smooth, harmonious and effective experience.

Production director

The Production Director is the central pillar responsible for cost management of materials, technology and personnel and supervision of specifications, from A to Z.

Soundtrack designer

As a designer of soundscapes to accompany your visual experience, the Soundtrack Designer's unique expertise is to align what you hear to the rhythm of what you see.

Light designer

With effects ranging a soft atmosphere to sparkling explosions, the Lighting Designer adds visual lighting ingredients that blend their positioning and colors in combination with other components to create a unique experience.
And then there was light!


The Choreographer creates and brings to life dance or theatrical performances to convey a concept or an artistic landscape. As an authentic interpreter of body language, he/she makes the body speak and places the human being at the heart of the performance.

Show caller

The Show Caller is the conductor of the show, in permanent contact with the Show Director to coordinate key events throughout the different phases according to the planned sequence.

Video operator

As the video feed coordinator at the controls of several consoles, the Video Operator manages the broadcast and ensures the technical homogeneity of visual content during the show.

In House
  • Show designer
  • Show director
  • Project manager
  • Motion designer
  • Multimedia director
  • Real time content designer
  • Stage designer
  • Creative coder
  • Copywriter
  • Artistic coordinator
  • Technical supervisor
  • Production director
  • Soundtrack designer
  • Light designer
  • Choreographer
  • Show caller
  • Video operator

The partners &
managing team

  • Alex Mestrot

    Alex Mestrot Founding partner & creative director

  • Tom Scalabre

    Tom Scalabre Partner & creative director

  • Emeline Delaunay

    Emeline Delaunay Partner & studio manager

  • Nicolas Gazzola

    Nicolas Gazzola Partner & creative business developer