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Navya – Autonom Cab Reveal

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Staging the launch of Navya's latest autonomous vehicle concept

A New Road

The autonomous car is redefining the notion of freedom. It is in this spirit that we created an event with futuristic undertones and free from any constraint. Like an interactive duelling light show, the technology of the show harmonizes with that of the vehicle. Electric energy is drawn in real time behind its improvised curves.

Like a luminous topographical choreography, which opens the way to a smooth and positive connected mobility.

Based on Navya’s prowess for autonomy, we have modeled our best know-how in terms of real time tracking, so that the blue light of our smart city is projected and disintegrates along its route.


  • Client Navya
  • Production Tetro and Agence Esprit des Sens
  • Art direction Superbien and Tetro
  • Real time and motion design video content creation Superbien
  • Stage design Superbien and Tetro
  • Light design Yves Caizergues
  • Video projection GL Events Audiovisual
  • Music StartRec
  • Video edit Tetro
  • Photo credits Cecilia Conan / Tetro