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Experiential journeys

How do we create a sensory, dreamlike experience that combines both the virtual and the real?


Entities was born of an encounter. An encounter between two beings becoming acquainted, all the better to understand one another. On the one hand, humankind. And on the other, a digital, polymorphous, autonomous entity, inspired by blobs: living, brainless organisms equipped with unique biological features that both intrigue and fascinate leading scientists.

 Mesmerised by these organisms, we wanted to lend them substance and shape. Designed as a poetic metamorphosis, we came up with a series of digital interpretations as unique as their personalities and attributes.

Each boasting a primitive brain capable of organic intellectual activity, our digital creatures have innate characteristics and qualities that evolve and develop through their contact with humans. Fearful, reserved, extravagant or even seductive, the beings adopt a series of different reactions and behaviours in response to their environmental stimuli and the way in which they are approached and treated.

The behaviour displayed by our ever-changing creatures ebbs and flows as they react to variables generated in real-time, resulting in visual and audio responses.

These variables are a combination of different contextual aspects, such as the time of day, the number of people in the room and the intensity of background noise, as well as interactional aspects, like the sounds and movements made by visitors.

 A sensory, dreamlike experience that blends the virtual and the real, in a fusing of shapes and volumes, sounds and lights, for visitors aged three to 103 only.


  • Design and production Superbien
  • Technical equipment PRG
  • Sound Valentin Orrit
  • Video edit Jonathan Mascaro